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Questions? Call/Text: (412) 912-1834
Questions? Call/Text: (412) 912-1834

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

Original price $2,995.00 - Original price $2,995.00
Original price $2,995.00
$2,995.00 - $2,995.00
Current price $2,995.00

SkyTrak+ Features:

  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Dual Doppler Radar for precise club data measurement
  • Improved Photometric Camera System for better accuracy
  • Proprietary machine-learning software
  • Access to world renowned courses

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Accuracy Within 2 Yards

SkyTrak+ offers precision within a margin of just 2 yards of industry-leading professional launch monitors that often carry price tags of over $20,000. It delivers unparalleled insights and accuracy, ensuring your game receives the upgrade it needs.

Based on 3rd party testing data by GolfBays.

The Next Evolution of At-Home Golf Simulators

The Next Evolution of At-Home Golf Simulators

Introducing the latest innovation from SkyTrak, the ST+ Launch Monitor. With significant upgrades to its core technology, the SkyTrak+ integrates a dual doppler radar system and proprietary machine learning software to offer unparalleled precision. The radar technology puts club data front and center, giving SkyTrak+ users crucial insights for improving their game.

The SkyTrak+ comes with several improvements, not just in software and tracking but also in functionality with the Shot Optimizer and Shot Score. Plus, the ST+ is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for taking to the range or setting up your personal golf simulator.

Improved Shot Optimizer & Training Tutorials

Improved Shot Optimizer & Training Tutorials

The upgraded Shot Optimizer now enables golfers to analyze club and ball data while comparing it to optimal launch conditions. With intuitive color coding, your data will display as red, yellow, or green, indicating how closely your numbers align with top players worldwide.

The latest addition to SkyTrak+ is its tutorials integrated into the user interface. Renowned golf instructor Nick Clearwater (Golf Digest #22 Teacher in the World) guides users through understanding the data parameters and their significance in enhancing your golf game.

The All New SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

The latest innovation from SkyTrak brings new features and benefits - all designed to elevate your game

SkyTrak+ Features

All features require a paid SkyTrak Membership Plan


Practice a wide range of shots using up to four wedges. Dial in your distances for pitches up to full swings!


Create 10 target stations for purposeful practice.


Dial in your yardages for consistent club selection on the course.


Set a minimum and maximum distance and start tracking your shots.


Hit the shot, analyze the data, and let SkyTrak guide you to where your numbers should be.


Gain insights into your game by reviewing, analyzing, and adjusting based on your shot history.

"The data that SKYTRAK+ provides is incredibly detailed. I can see my ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and much more. This information has been invaluable in helping me improve my swing."


"We have been testing and using the SKYTRAK+ for a couple of months and become more impressed with it each time out. Utilizing our Tech Studio, we've had the ability to put it side by side with other launch monitors to compare accuracy and SKYTRAK+ delivers."


Customer Reviews

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Ryan G.
Happy with Decision to buy Skytrak+

I wanted to level up my golf game AND have a golf simulator to play with friends. I'm extremely happy with my decision to go with the Skytrak+ because of the data I get for the price. Single digit I come!