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Questions? Call/Text: (412) 912-1834
Questions? Call/Text: (412) 912-1834

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

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$4,999.00 - $4,999.00
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The only launch monitor trusted by Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, and top instructors globally.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

The new standard of excellence

Heads-Up Display

The only launch monitor with a customizable full-color OLED display so you can see the data points that matter to you most.


Built to travel to and from the course with quick and easy setup in under a minute.

16 Data Points

Radar powered tour-level accuracy to start playing your best golf.

Video Replay

Use the on-board camera to capture your swing. Review and share using the free included app to improve your swing.

How Accurate Is The Full Swing KIT Compared To Other Launch Monitors?

See how KIT compares to other Tour-level launch monitors for carry distance, ball & club speed and spin.

“I know that Full Swing is measuring my golf ball, not guessing at it.” - Tiger Woods

“I know that Full Swing is measuring my golf ball, not guessing at it.” - Tiger Woods

The Only Launch Monitor With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Only Launch Monitor With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that the Full Swing KIT is going to exceed your expectations that we are giving you 30 days to try it for yourself, risk-free. *KIT Studio or Simulator Package components not included in guarantee offer*

5 Hours Of Battery Life

Your range sessions don’t need to end because the sun goes down, practice as long as it takes to get ready for your next big round with a lithium-ion battery chosen to last longer.

Normalized Ball Data

See what your carry, side carry, apex and total distance would be at different elevations with no wind effecting your ball flight to get a true lab-like experience. Coming Soon: change temperature and ball type.

Compact Design

Full Swing KIT is made to be able to fit in your golf bag, so you can take it with you in it’s protective case and always have a free hand for your next bucket of balls.

Titleist Radar Capture Technology Ball Integration

Integrating Titleist’s Radar Capture Technology provides the clearest radar imaging that results in superior accuracy when it comes to indoor spin measurement which impacts numerous data points within the Full Swing KIT.

Connect All Your IOS Devices

See the instant feedback on our customizable OLED screen after each swing, or using on-board wifi & Bluetooth, hear it on your headphones, take a quick peek at your Apple Watch or really dive in with your iPhone or iPad, with our app, it’s up to you.

The Launch Monitor Engineered To Improve Your Game

Designed to be portable, durable, reliable, easy to use and above all, trusted to bring you an experience that elevates your practice.

"I will say I was a little hesitant that the price was too good to be true but after testing it aside other launch monitors and seeing how accurate it was, it passed with flying colors."

- Jerry Hixon - Director of Golf, Tradition Golf Club

“I am incredibly happy with mine, I ran it next to a GC Quad and I was more impressed with the Full Swing.”

- Michael Garrison

“We use it at the range. Had it next to a trackman at a demo day. It’s spot on outdoors.”

- Steve Brooks

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