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Questions? Call/Text: (412) 912-1834
Questions? Call/Text: (412) 912-1834

Rapsodo MLM2PRO™ Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

by Rapsodo
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Experience the pinnacle of precision golf technology with MLM2PRO™. Get your game down to scratch. Elevate your practice and play with MLM2PRO™.

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  • MLM2PRO™ mobile launch monitor + golf simulator.
  • Dual camera vision + radar for accuracy.
  • Multi-option swing replay.
  • 30,000+ golf course simulations.
  • 13 metrics, including spin rate and spin axis.
  • Rapsodo Combines: 24 shots, 2 targets.
  • Indoors & outdoors ready.
  • Apple & Android compatible.
  • 1 Year Premium Membership included with purchase.
Introducing MLM2PRO™. Elevate your golf game.

Introducing MLM2PRO™. Elevate your golf game.

MLM2PRO™ is a launch monitor and golf simulator designed to offer comprehensive insights into your golf game. With two advanced cameras and Doppler Radar, it delivers video feedback and accurate measurements for every shot. Sync MLM2PRO with any Android or Apple device to capture various swing angles and watch your handicap drop.

Double the Cameras, Double the Insights.

Double the Cameras, Double the Insights.

Impact Vision

Capture the crucial moment of impact with an integrated high-speed camera recording at 240 frames per second. Gain insights into your club path and contact point with slow-motion visuals.

Shot Vision

Utilize the second camera for detailed swing videos featuring a shot-tracer, showcasing ball flight. Analyze your swings in slow-motion replay, connecting the sensation of your swing with the actual shot outcome.

Precision Data Indoors and Outdoors

Precision Data Indoors and Outdoors

MLM2PRO™ seamlessly connects with your phone or tablet, offering professional-grade, comprehensive views, a virtual Rapsodo Range, and access to thousands of simulated Rapsodo golf courses—making your simulator as portable as your golf bag.

  • Track outdoor shots with detailed metrics.
  • Ready for indoor golf simulations.
  • User-friendly IOS App.
  • Explore over 30,000 golf courses.
Rapsodo Target Range

Rapsodo Target Range

The Rapsodo Target Range is the newest addition to the MLM2PRO. It provides a realistic practice experience to help you improve your game. Choose from three different tee box angles with 72 target distances and four fairways.  

Each shot is individually tracked for carry distance, total distance, proximity to selected target, and much more.

Carry The Course With You

Carry The Course With You

MLM2PRO™ doubles as a golf simulator, granting access to over 30K virtual courses on-the-go. With your MLM2PRO™ purchase, enjoy a complimentary one-year MLM2PRO™ Premium Membership ($199 value). This membership gives you entry to Rapsodo Courses, the Rapsodo Virtual Range, and exclusive features such as Rapsodo Combines.

Deeper Insights into Your Golf Game with MLM2PRO™

Deeper Insights into Your Golf Game with MLM2PRO™

Video Replay

Experience slow-motion impact replays and shot views enhanced with Shot Trace technology through MLM2PRO™, offering valuable insights to refine your golf swing.

Shot Dispersion by Club

This innovative feature provides an aerial view showcasing your performance with each club. Understand your shot patterns better, build confidence, and make smarter club selections on the course.

Premium Membership: Included for the First Year!

Premium Membership: Included for the First Year!

Get access to 30,000+ virtual courses right at your fingertips. Enjoy a free one-year MLM2PRO Premium Membership, worth $199!

Features include:

  • Cloud Video Storage: 10,000 Videos
  • Slow Motion Replay
  • Session Insights
  • Rapsodo Combine
  • Spin Rate, Spin Axis (with Callaway RPT Ball)
  • Rapsodo Courses & Range
  • Impact Vision
  • Dual Camera

Note: One-year Premium Membership comes with every purchase and is non-transferable.

What's Included

Customer Reviews

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I went from a 6 handicap to a 2.5 after using the the MLMPRO2 for 3 months. Playing the best golf of my life. If you are a swing nerd and want a simulator option built to improve your game, this is the way to go! I love this thing and it works great in my garage with a net or on the range. This is the best bang for your buck on the market for sure.